How will AI transform online advertising in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence is now helping to reduce advertising budgets. In this article, I look at how the landscape of machine learning will reduce the costs of advertising in 2019.

24th January 2019

By Jon Pankhurst

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Artificial intelligence and google advertising

Learn about Google audiences.

Let's take a working case study to highlight how you can apply AI in your paid advertising online.


Imagine a person is looking to buy a house:

  • They start to research on popular sites like or
  • They visit estate agents online, searching for houses for sale
  • Three - six months later they have moved in and are starting to look at a quantity surveyors website
  • At the similar time, they start to look on kitchen designers websites

So now we have an audience, we know that this person's behavior over time will be very similar to other people in the same situation and Ai will be able to predict the types of website that user may be visiting and you can place adverts in front of them that appeal.

For example with this audience, if you are an online retailer selling white electrical goods for the home, this sort of audience would be very valuable as you would be able to serve cheaper ads through the display network at 10% of the cost of normal search ads.

The audience profile of this browser has significantly changed from that of a person just looking at houses to one that has an intent to purchase a kitchen, and we can easily say that there is a high probability they will be looking for new ovens, fridges etc.



These new affinity audiences and in market audiences are changing the landscape of the online advertising market. If you would like any help with this sort of paid advertising campaign please get in touch with a member of our team or visit our Pay Per Click product page for more information on how we run paid adverts for our customers, through Google Ads.

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